What Your Business' Cloud Provider Should Be Doing

If your business is using a cloud provider or cloud-based services, such as data storage, software as a service, subscriptions, cloud-based software, etc. you should make sure those companies meet certain standards.

First, find out what kind of data backup and disaster recovery procedures they have in place. Data should be backed up often and in various physical locations.

Learn what kind of data centers they use. These are rated from Tier 1-4. If 4, they should be able to provide what is called "five nines". This means 99.999 percent of the year they are operational and not experiencing downtime.

The security of your data during transfer is also important. What kind of encryption are they using and when is it encrypted in the transfer process?

Also, their compliance certifications should be at least to the standards your company needs to be. This is especially important if handling payment information, private health information, or other sensitive data.

Your service-level agreement (SLA) should provide many of these details, but these are just some of the things to look for. These are the kinds of things a Houston network security company (like DSTech Solutions) can help consult on when you have a managed IT service agreement. If you have questions about this and need assistance, please feel free to contact us.

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