The Fully Integrated Communications Solution that Goes Where You Go

The All-In-One Phone and
Communications Solution...

DSTech Solutions can manage implementation of a phone system that brings together voice, video, chat, and more. As a channel provider for Comcast and Intermedia Business Cloud, DSTech will manage multiple vendors and navigate these technologies to give you the freedom to be more mobile and efficient from any location - integrating mobile, office, and computer...

  • Voice
  • Office 365 Integration
  • Video
  • VoIP
  • Chat
  • File Sharing
  • Digital collaboration
  • Productivity Solutions
  • Hosted Exchange Services
  • and more

One Provider for More Efficiency

Having your IT provider handle your phone systems avoids numerous problems with incompatibility crashes, inefficient system setup, technician communication, and more. It also provides more opportunity for us to use our partnerships for savings and the best integrated system designs.

Be Aware When Getting Phone System Quotes...

The phone systems we provide have many advantages and features, and are more economical. This is thanks to their use of, and integration with, your computer network. However, that means when you get a quote from companies on these kinds of phone systems, they need to be taking into account your current computer hardware, software, and network situation. If they are not asking those kinds of questions, the quote is likely to be very misleading.

What often happens is, companies will give you the lowest possible bid, but when they get into your business, they will notice this or that piece of equipment is incompatible, needs updates, or needs replacement. So, one at a time, you will go through these 'discoveries', paying more and more with each one. By the end, many customers end up paying far more than the original quote and are often distrusting and disliking of their phone company.

We don't want to put you through that. By doing an assessment of your current technology, we will be able to give you a bigger picture of what you're looking at so you can make the best decision for your business. The fruits of that assessment have value in their own right, and can help any future technician who works on your systems. This is just one way that we are not like typical IT companies.

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