For Your In-House IT Managers

Does your company have an IT Department? If you are an IT Manager or team member in a small to mid-sized business, then DSTech Solutions can expand the capabilities of your department and make everyone's job easier.

Do More with Less

Often businesses staff IT professionals for keeping day-to-day computer needs running. But the information technology options for businesses are continually evolving. It is rare that regular staff can be researching and exploring all of these opportunities on top of putting out the fires and dealing with the needs of other departments. We can help supplement your busy workload, especially with multiple emergencies, and partner with you to help you stay ahead of problems. Our goal is to help you keep the rest of the company thrilled with the performance of your department.

Expanding Capability

We can be your vendor for system monitoring, remote support, onsite and offsite backup services, and a host of other services that in-house IT departments are not typically geared to provide all on their own. We can also bring up new and high-level options for your company, which you can then bring to leadership. These options typically help a company reach the next level of corporate functionality and security, making a real difference in up-time, productivity, and profit.

Go-To Consultants

The partners at DSTech Solutions are not your typical IT shop folks. We have put together technology projects for Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and other top-tier companies. We are experts in computer security and network issues. Even the best IT pros hit a wall once in a while, and we can be here to serve an advisory role.

Covering You

Computer issues can arise at all times, and IT in-house personnel are not always available, given vacations, off-time, and so on. We can cover you and be your 24/7 backup. No more worrying about problems while you're gone - having DSTech in your back pocket can give you and your company peace of mind and convenience.

Equipment Sourcing

You likely have common vendors and sources for equipment, but we can provide another avenue to explore better prices, quality, or delivery times. We can even provide all the computers and servers your company needs on a lease basis, meaning less tax burden on assets and a continually updated and functional set of systems. Having you there, in-house, is a huge benefit to us as well.

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