Why Use A Managed Service Provider?

Some businesses try to make do with a "break-fix" situation. This means waiting until there is some problem with one's technology (a crash, virus, hardware issue, server problems, etc) and then calling around to find a company that will come out to fix the problem. However, more and more businesses are choosing managed services providers (MSP) because these relationships make sense. They end up being more economical and easier to run a business on. Here are some of the specific reasons MSP is the preferred solution for any business...

1) Budget Predictability

In the course of a business, technology failures can happen without warning. Suddenly your systems are down and your revenue stops. Now you are in an emergency situation. What's worse, you then have an unexpected expense there had been no way to budget for. An MSP plan allows you to budget your technology expenses. It allows for a predictable and stable program that is easy to budget for.

2) Proactive Monitoring

When you have an MSP, you have a relationship with your provider. This ongoing relationship brings with it the ability of your provider to monitor your server, workstation computers, and other systems 24/7. This monitoring can look for stability issues that might cause a system crash if unnoticed. It can also monitor for security purposes, noticing hacking attempts as they occur. Lastly, the monitoring can make certain your backup systems are actually continuing to back up your data in a manner that can be retrieved if needed.

3) Experts in Your Setup

An ongoing MSP relationships allows our technicians to become familiar with your company's computer network and systems. We document these setups in detail and train the other technicians in your business's systems. This familiarity is critical to servicing your systems quickly when there is an issue. That means less down-time for your business. If your business is simply calling computer companies when there is a problem, each technician has to spend valuable time re-learning your systems each time they come out (and you would be paying by the hour for this repeated education).

4) Catching Problems Early

Many would-be critical system failures start with small preventable and fixable indicators. Without an active MSP, these aren't caught early, and end up damaging your hardware, corrupting your files, and costing you much more money.

5) More Economical

Our plans are priced to be competitive with what a typical business spends in a year. We have a lot of experience with businesses of different sizes and have graded our plans relative to your business's size. For multi-year clients, we can refine this further based on your business's particular service history. Besides just the good pricing of the plan itself, simply being on an MSP plan with DSTech Solutions guarantees you additional savings and discounts on special project labor and parts when needed.

6) Long-Term Thinking

When you call a technician out in a break-fix situation, you have no MSP account or relationship. The incentive for that technician is to fix the problem of the moment and move on to his next appointment. There is no incentive to look out for your long-term interests. If anything, future problems create future profits for break-fix service. With an MSP plan, the provider has an incentive to make sure any problem is solved in a way that ensures long-term stability and functionality, not to mention upgradability and growth.

7) Additional Options

Our base MSP plan has all of the advantages above. But there are more advantages available with additional options. These include updates and licensing renewal, as well as an option to have all of your equipment provided by us. This effectively eliminates any concern for obsolescence - never buy another computer!

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