New Construction Consultation

Don't wait until your new building or expansion is constructed to call in IT. One of the services we provide are walk-throughs during the construction process, making sure that your build is taking into account the many important factors related to computer networks.

For example, did you know server rooms have special requirements with respect, not only to electrical lines, but relative placement and performance of air conditioning systems and conduits? We also look to be sure the usage of rooms will include the proper kinds of data lines for the computer systems being used there. This is not the kind of skill set most construction crews and even many architects are prepared to give as much attention to. We have prevented many costly mistakes by doing these walk-throughs at the right time.

Along the way, because our team is experienced in renovation and construction techniques, we have also spotted other kinds of issues for our clients as well. For example, an operatory was being build and the designers had not placed hard points in the ceiling capable of supporting the weight of the heavy equipment that would be mounted there. This is just one of many examples.

Contact us at the earliest stages of your new construction and we can advise on when is best to have us come in and review the process. The earlier issues are found, the more money it will save you in construction.

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