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DSTech Solutions, LLC is a leader in service quality. Our experience in business means we handle every decision as though your business is our own. Below you will find our major services...

Managed Services for Business - we handle it all, one simple rate...
With DSTech Managed Services, you always know that you'll have the best response to any computer issues without unpredictable expenses. Rates are scaled to your business' needs. These plans can include:
  • Remote and On-site Rapid Response
  • System Monitoring & Down-time Prevention
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Data Security from Top-Tier Experts
  • Ransomware, Malware, and Virus Protection
  • Phone Systems / Hosted Exchange Services
  • Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems
  • Printers and Copier Leasing, Sales, and Service
  • Cloud Virtualization
  • Servers and Workstations can be provided as part of your plan (never buy another computer)

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7 Reasons Why to Choose Managed Services

Other Services

Security Testing & Auditing
Our team has experience working data and security projects for America's leading banks and other corporations. Cyber crime, Hacking, Identity Theft, and Ransomware schemes can destroy a business and are on the rise. We can provide testing and fortification of your networks and other systems.
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Note for healthcare providers: We have become specialists in HIPAA compliance standards and can even address your Security Risk Assessment (SRA) and other HIPAA requirements. Learn more about our Managed IT for Healthcare Providers.

Risk Management, Disaster Preparation, and Recovery
It is extremely common to find businesses whose entire history of contacts and accounts is hanging by a thread and they don't even realize it. Our backup services go beyond the norm, providing multiple secure sites and time periods. Further, we test whether backup systems are working properly so a broken backup system isn't discovered when the restoration is critical.
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Custom Software Development
We are one of the few full-service IT providers with in-house custom software development. Our team members have developed secure systems for some of the nation's leading banks and other corporations, as well as helping with unusual small business needs.
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Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions
We can also manage, design, and implement custom solutions that require interfacing computer systems to specialized equipment, such as bar code scanners, manufacturing machinery, healthcare instruments, and more.
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Digital Signage
DSTech Solutions can provide full digital signage for your office, waiting rooms, show floors, and more. These dynamic and easily changeable systems are quickly becoming a popular option for businesses in many sectors.
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Server & Workstation Provision 
Your business need never buy another computer. We can provide workstations, servers, and other equipment your business needs to run for a flat monthly fee. This can even be integrated into your managed service plan.
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Special Projects
We also design, manage, and implement customized projects of all sizes and types to meet any business' needs. Click here for detailed descriptions and case studies of special business enhancement projects we have performed for major corporate accounts.

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