Your Staff Should Know the Best Policies to Protect Your Practice

  • There has been a sharp rise in ransomware attacks, even or especially on small businesses.
  • Even with the best IT protections, human error is the weakest link in cybersecurity.
  • Having one's office 'best practices' established and all personnel trained on them, is a huge benefit to being as safe as possible.

Our training program takes place in your office and we can work around your business schedule to minimize interference in your workflow. Just some of the things we cover include...

  • Virus prevention
  • Malware defense
  • The rise of ransomware, how it destroys businesses, the best policies to prevent it
  • Recognizing scams and spoofed/fake communications
  • Best practices for office cybersecurity policies
  • What showing a 'culture of compliance' means to the government and a courtroom

Why Us?

Sam Urick and staff members at DSTech have managed secure projects for some of the nation's largest corporations - and those where security of the highest level is demanded. This includes Wells Fargo, Bank of America, UTMB, government entities, and more. We are industry experts. Learn more About Us, or see Testimonies.

If you have any questions, or would like to schedule training

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