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As you know, the manufacturing and construction industries have their own set of challenges. A common generic computer services vendor is a poor choice for higher end industries of this nature. DSTech Solutions has many clients in these industries. Here are some of the ways we've made our company the ideal partner for your business...

Proactive Monitoring

Avoid disasters and lengthy shutdowns
Through our software, monitoring system design, and personnel, DSTech Solutions is able to keep your manufacturing processes moving. We monitor your systems to know when something is about to fail, and react to avoid or minimize the effects of that failure on your business. Often a simple computer repair done beforehand can be the difference between meeting a successful deadline or costing your company money in lost production time.

Beyond Normal I.T.

Tech help most IT companies can't provide
In addition to all the general business challenges with workstations, security, backup systems, servers, office software, and accounting software - DSTech Solutions can assist with technology issues that are outside the normal IT world, such as manufacturing software like AutoDesk and others. We diagnose and repair problems with manufacturing equipment such as lathes, braking, water jets, etc. Our goal as a company is to find the best way to make technology serve your goals.

Improving Efficiency

Saving money and time by improving your operations
DSTech Solutions can use and build software that helps processes to flow more efficiently. Beyond software, we analyze your entire system, including how your people interact with the technology, workflow issues, and more. We can alert you when personnel may need training, when a change of process can save time or reduce errors, when machinery may need tuning, or when quality issues arise. Our goal is that a business' bottom line be better off for having worked with us.

Within Your Schedule

We work with minimal interference to your operations
We aren't your TV cable company, dictating to clients when they need to be ready for us. Instead, we think like an owner would. The aim of DSTech Solutions is to disrupt your operations as little as possible. Therefore we stay aware of when your people or machines are running projects, their shifts, and so on. We then do our maintenance and work during times of least impact.

Let Us Be Your Partner

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