What You Should Know About Switches

A switch is an appliance that provides port-to-port simultaneous communication between all your devices. But many of the most troublesome internet and computer system issues can come from problems with your switches. As a business owner, there are some things you need to know about these devices...

Not All Switches Are Alike

What seems like a low price or good deal on switches can be a trap. Switches vary widely in quality, life expectancy, load capacities, and features. Often when access is slow or limited, it is because the switch simply shut down or couldn't handle business-class needs.

Proper Configuration is Essential

A switch that is not properly configured can be worse than a bad switch. Different traffic types require different priorities. VoIP or other real-time communications should take precedence over back-end uploads, maintenance cycles, etc. Without a delicate set of proper configurations, your system can become locked up and not be there for you when most needed, causing costly business interruptions.

Switches and Your Communications Companies

You should have an IT provider that can work with your other communication companies on your behalf to coordinate the best arrangements for your business. Without this kind of vendor coordination, system and setup conditions can cause conflicts that could bring down your system. Onsite visits by these vendors can also result in technicians removing wires or making changes that cause problems, unless your IT provider is there to coordinate.

Bandwidth needs of business systems are growing all time

This means a lot of switches are still on the market which may not be sufficient for your business network.

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