Is Your Wi-Fi Secure?

Wi-Fi signals are one way hackers use to infiltrate your system. Being nearby they can scan and pick up your wireless signals and, without the proper setup, be allowed entry into your entire system, finding back doors around your firewall. Before coming to us, one client was even hacked through one of their printers!

One step that will help is to avoid letting your employees access your network using public wi-fi hotspots, or even their home systems. Working from home can be as secure as an office, if you have the proper tools and systems configured securely and professionally. But many home systems are not up to snuff.

Another important step when on the road or away from the office is to close shared folders. We can help you set up secure virtual private networks (VPN) which are properly encrypted. This helps prevent hacking even when signals are intercepted.

Lastly, your office itself needs to be secure so nearby hackers cannot take advantage. Make sure you are using enterprise-class Wi-Fi Protected Access tools, properly configured by a professional to avoid any holes in your security.

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