What Makes DSTech Solutions Different?

You should expect to see what our services include. You should expect your computers to run smoothly. Every IT provider at least claims these things. Experience will show you we deliver. But aside from the standard, why should you select DSTech Solutions? Here are some of the most important things you won't find with just any IT company...

1) We don't hire employees

The word "partner" can be found everywhere from your cashier to the person who helps you try on clothes. But at DSTech we are all true partners in the business. Like a law firm, when you deal with us you are dealing with an owner of the business. As such, we care about our reputation, about our relationship with your business, and about the long-term success of DSTech. We have all made great sacrifices and worked hard to be the best. We have skin in the game.

2) Fortune 500 level experience

Our team have worked with and for some of the most major brands around. From Wells Fargo to Bank of America, UTMB, American Express, etc. The work we have done includes high-level security projects, government projects, leading teams, coordinating departments, and more. This kind of skill set is very atypical for most ordinary IT companies, and this is what we bring to IT for small and mid-sized businesses.

3) Our Gold Standard

We have a gold standard of care for all our techs. For example, we never leave a site without testing and making sure your employees are functional in their duties. Another example, we do not rely on automated systems but run personalized human-managed testing and monitoring of your backup systems, security, etc. Every time we work with new contractors or vendors, there is a training process to bring them up to a level of attention to detail (and hold them to that standard) which they had not seen before.

4) A Business Perspective

Our partners are not only business owners in terms of DSTech, but they have a lifetime of experience building, running, and managing businesses. While our official role is IT systems, every single decision we make (or recommendation we offer) for a client is with an eye on your overall business. That includes your strategy, in-house workflow issues, long-term growth, and the bottom line.

5) A Family-Owned Local Business

You can always find us. We are not in some far-off location and part of a conglomerate. We know your area, your audience, and we put our name behind everything you do. As a family business, we not only treat our own as family - we also seek to have family style relationships with our business partners and clients. If we are not a good fit for one another, we are as likely to initiate a responsible end to your contract as you should be.

6) New Building and Construction Site Consultation

We are on-site at new building and renovation projects, to give pre-consultation walk-throughs. Construction crews and even architects are not often well versed on what will be required in a build to support the kind of technology your business needs. That includes the right kinds of data lines and outlets in the right locations, but also bandwidth requirements, signal interference, load-bearing mounts, server room requirements, AC/Heating and humidity coordination with sensitive hardware, and more. These walk-throughs and consultations can save you a great deal of money by avoiding costly mishaps before the work is done and it's too late.

7) Vendor Management

Not having to deal with all of the various vendors related to your phones, copiers, communications, and networks saves your people time, and lets you focus on business. We are your representative to them. We speak their technical language and will know if what they are saying is correct and well coordinated with your other technologies.

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DSTech Provides Full Business IT Services

DSTech Solutions, LLC is a leader in service quality. Our experience serving top U.S. companies means we fill every need a business may have for its technology. We treat your business as our own because your success is our success.

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