Corporate-Class Complete IT Plan
We are your IT department. No hassle, no headaches. Keeping you secure and running.

Unlike Any IT You've Experienced

DSTech Solutions is unlike most IT service providers. Our plans are for business owners who are looking for the leading industry quality; leading experts in security and technology, and the best way forward for growing your business through tech intelligence.

We combine top-tier business technology consultation with highly customized and personalized IT monitoring and maintenance. While normal IT providers rely on automated monitoring and backup systems, our team are manually checking that your systems are secure and can be retrieved in the event of an attack or disaster. They see upcoming issues and head them off at the pass before they interfere in your business operations. DSTech is not the company you call when you have a computer problem - it's the company that prevents the problem.

Let Your People Focus on Your Business

Our Complete IT Plan means we are your IT department. We do personalized assessments, determine the technological needs to get your people functioning in their respective roles within your budget, and put the entire system into place. We handle all of this so you and your people can focus on your business instead of computer issues.

While we can integrate any suitable systems you currently have, we provide workstations, servers, other hardware, standard business software, licenses, network management software, security management, top-level manually-checked backup assurance, system health monitoring, manufacturer updates, repair & replacement service, and strategic technology planning - everything your business needs to maximize productivity and up-time into the future.

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