The Best Encryption for Your Business

To keep your online browsing secure, avoid hacking, and risking your company's private data being exposed, it is highly advised that your VPN uses Advanced Encryption System 245 (AES256).

While it is being constantly attempted, AES245 has never been cracked. The NSA in the U.S. is the only agency that knows if it can be. Accepted as the standard in the U.S. and Canada, it is the encryption protecting banking information, classified government documents, and private health information all over the world.

What makes AES256 so safe is its 256-bit key and 14 hashes. It would take a supercomputer millions of years to crack AES256 encryption. When hacking and virus attacks happen, it is usually because of other issues like human error. However, one's encryption key is needed to code and decode data, so it is crucial not to lose the key.

As an experienced Houston IT Service provider, DSTech Solutions understands how to utilize AES256 to protect businesses like yours.

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