What Web Browser Should My Business Use?

Your web browser is the tool you use to access the internet. These are usually free and often there is one that comes as a default on your computer, so many business owners may not give this a second thought. Meanwhile, employees may have their own various favorites and use those.

However, most Houston managed IT services companies (including DSTech Solutions) recommend that you make the choice of web browser deliberate and consistent throughout your company network. There reasons you may find one browser a better choice than another for your business. And, there are efficiencies in making sure everyone in your company is using the same browser. Things may not always look or work the same on different browsers. Also, when there are issues and problems, you will only need to find one solution instead of your IT people needing to track down different problems and solutions for each browser.

Unfortunately, there is no one easy way to determine with certainty the very best browser for all time, for all companies. Reports and ratings of these browsers can be very inconsistent with different consumer orgs, reviews, and tech sites. Further, there are many standards by which to judge a browser and which are important may depend on the industry or your primary ways of using the browser. In addition, the facts are always changing as these products continue to evolve and compete with one another. You can't be changing your entire network choices every time these winds change.

What we can offer are some general current facts about four of the most popular options out there...

Internet Explorer

Microsoft's Internet Explorer is perhaps one of the most known browsers because it comes standard on Windows computers. This option is somewhat dated and, though still popular, can be the target of hackers for that very reason. There are also still a number of bugs and compatibility issues with various plugins commonly found on the web.

Google Chrome

As one would expect, this browser plays very nicely with Google sites and products. But, for non-Google products there can just as easily be compatibility issues, with sites as well as some graphics cards. Some people also have concerns about some of Google's privacy policies.


This is the standard browser for Apple based products and, while possible to use on Windows, there can be issues. Safari is not as easy to customize and doesn't readily delete cookies as often.


Firefox has been a free alternative to the popular browsers of the day for many years. Though it's been around a while, it continues to be updated. Unlike the other options, Firefox is the product of a non-profit organization. While some note Firefox can be a little slower with large images, it has excellent tools for privacy control, security, add-ons, and an incentive to play nice with as many products as possible. We often recommend Firefox for our clients.

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