The Latest on Ransomware

Ransomware has emerged to be a dominant concern for all small and large businesses in every industry across the globe. In just past few years, ransomware payments have grown to over a billion dollar a year industry according to FBI. They do this by demanding payment in cryptocurrencies that are difficult to trace.

Ransomware is malware that infiltrates a computer and encrypts the data on local, external, or connected drives. Once encrypted, your data cannot be accessed without the encryption key. A screenshot informs the victim and gives you a link with information on how to pay to get it back, literally preventing you from doing business until you do.

The best way to prevent ransomware attacks is a multi-pronged approach that includes:
  • Employee training to avoid email deceptions commonly used to infect your systems.
  • Proper regular patching and updating of the security features on your operating systems, firewalls, and other systems.
  • Email security protection to help detect and filter malicious emails. These systems need to be properly installed, configured, updated, and maintained to remain effective.
  • Web filtering to help prevent traveling to suspicious web pages. Systems can be infected simply by visiting some sites.
  • Backup systems that are multi-level, disconnected, frequently created, and manually tested.

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