Network Security: Businesses Need More

Unfortunately your experiences with computers at home do not translate to a business. Business computers and networks see a lot more usage, and are interacting more constantly within an ecosystem of communication that puts them and your business at constant risk.

This is why some devices, tools, and components are graded as 'enterprise class'. They are not only made to take that higher rate of usage, but they offer additional security protocols and processes that a business needs in its operation. So a business' computer network is more like a heavily used car, in that it needs ongoing maintenance.

Without monitoring, upkeep, and updates, your company can be hacked, the privacy of your customers lost, your reputation with your customers or the public destroyed, financial data stolen, or your data even held ransome. The positive benefits of such a security and monitoring plan are reason enough, but the down-side of not having such service can literally mean life or death for your business.

It is advisable that a combination of software, hardware, and management solutions are used. This can include firewalls (of the proper type, with the proper configurations), virtual private networks (VPN), anti-virus detection, frequent and proper update management, and other intrusion prevention systems. And using the proper backup methods and manual procedures cannot be understated.

Even without the threats of viruses, spyware, malware, ransomware, and other hacks - the benefits of a professional IT management over your business computer network are numerous. Employees can work remotely or from home, various standards and regulations of the government or organizations your company works with can be compliant, collaboration of your team can be more efficient, your liability is reduced, and potential system crashes can often be avoided before they happen, saving you money by avoiding costly down-times.

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