Moving or Building a New Office? Think Ahead!

Sometimes a business owner may think they can build a new building or move to a new location and then consider IT needs as an afterthought. However, this can end up costing you a lot of money.

A full IT service company should be able to tour your construction site or look over your new location before the build or the move. This is how we ensure that the location has the proper construction or hookups needed for your business' network.

For example, server rooms have particular requirements for tempurature regulation and humidity. Where air conditioning lines are placed relative to the server room can be important.

One of our construction site inspections for a new clinic once found that the type of beams they were installing over the operatories would not be able to bare the load of the special instrumentation that would be mounted in the ceiling. Had this not been caught, the area would have had to be rebuilt.

And of course, any business will need to make sure the outlets, telephone lines, cable, internet lines, wireless access points, and possibly fiber optic or other data lines support the kind of tech you will be using in your office, in the right locations. As multiple communication and power vendors interact with the site, coordination will be needed and we can provide this.

If you are either moving to a new location soon or considering building a new facility, bring us in as early as possible to avoid unecessary losses or expenses.

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