IT: In-House or Outsource?

In running your business you may find yourself looking into whether to use in-house IT staff or outsource to a Houston IT services company like DSTech. We aren't going to tell you that outsourcing is the best solution for every corporation. But the many strengths of the outsourcing option do apply to many businesses and should be thoroughly understood by any business owner making this important decision.

In addition, it is important to note that the decision is not always an 'either/or'. Many times, a company with one or a few IT staff will still find it helpful to supplement with a well-coordinated outsourced solution as part of a team. You will see why in the benefits listed below.

Lower Costs

When one considers a salary, benefits, and taxes, the relative cost of this compared to the typical managed service contract becomes clear. A Managed Services Plan (MSP) with an outside IT provider will almost always be far more economical than a paid IT staff, especially if scaling to the proper needs for a given size company in order to give proper care, uptime, and security.

Benefit of a Team

Most companies will be comparing to a single person covering IT needs. Even if they have more than one, many IT service providers (like DSTech) pool the resources and experience of an entire team. While some technicians may be assigned to your business, they can easily tap the input from any number of technicians who would normally be working on projects of another client.

Latest Innovations

Often an in-house IT staff is so occupied with the day-to-day job within your company, that there is little to no time for continuing education and keeping up with the latest. The world of IT is constantly evolving, especially where new security threats (and defenses) are concerned. With an independent IT firm like DSTech, you have a leadership that is not immersed in the day-to-day, and constantly working to make the business as cutting edge as possible, which then gets spread through training to all of our team.

Top-Tier Experts

The level of engineers typically hired as in-house IT are suitable to that kind of job, but this is not the same level of experience you would often see as the owner/s of an independent IT company. Engineers of this level typically exceed the experience and background of hired in-house IT staff. Through the economy of scale, because we have more than one client, the cost of that level of technician can be spread out and benefit all of our clients. This comes in especially helpful when novel problems arise or new kinds of projects and solutions are needed.

Full Schedule Coverage

An outsourced IT company should be able to cover the full schedule you need covered for the best care. Even if you have in-house IT staff, what about their time off and vacations. You will need a solution where any moment you need to keep your business running there will be someone who can respond in a timely way.

Multi-company Insights

When serving more than one business, we are in a position to see trends and threats hitting different networks in different locations and industries. We are positioned to see a solution in one business, which can then benefit all of our other clients. This kind of diverse collection of situations provides benefits that one simply doesn't see working solely within one business.

Product Partnerships

An IT Service Provider like DSTech has put great effort into cultivating partnerships with many product and other service providers, which aids in licensing agreements, equipment sourcing, and more. We can even lease equipment as part of your MSP agreement.

A decision like this should not be made overnight. Take time to get to know the IT Service Company you are considering. The people you trust your company to should be trustworthy and decent people, and only you can see that by talking, asking questions, and spending some time together. We are also selective in who we work with, and will be considering if you and your company are a good fit for our company. Contact us today if you would like to learn more!

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