Common Threats to Your Business

The following are the most common kinds of cyber security threats a business owner can face. These can not only damage your reputation, but have direct financial consequences. Because your data is your business, they can even destroy years of contacts between you and your customers...


This is when an email or other communication pretends to be a trusted vendor or contact in order to trick you into revealing security information. No matter how good your computer security systems, human error is one of the biggest problems businesses face. Customers need to know how to spot phishing scams and be trained in good procedures to avoid them.


This is a very powerful and growing threat that has literally destroyed businesses of all sizes. Viruses infect your system silently and then encrypt all your data. At that point money is demanded in exchange for decrypting it. You need to make sure your systems are not merely backed up, but backed up in the right way because ransomware will try to infect even your backups.

Data leaks

When an employee, customer, or vendor tries to exploit personal, financial, or otherwise private information of you or your contacts. Proper monitoring tools can trace and protect against these kinds of activities.

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